Things you need to consider before joining Your HOA Board

Things To Consider When Joining A Homeowners Association

Are You Ready For An HOA Board?

If you live in an HOA community, then you have likely felt the effects of an HOA board’s decisions. Decisions like repairs, rules, and the fees paid by homeowners to the association. The scope of what an HOA manages varies from association and community.

If you want to have a direct influence on your community, then joining the board might be an option. HOA boards have a variety of responsibilities, from issuing fines to maintaining pools and other equipment, and much more. Many of the board’s actions directly affect all homeowners in the association.

Being a board member gives you real influence over what’s happening in your own backyard. Being on the board isn’t all about the power to make decisions. There are many responsibilities that come along with a board position. Sometimes, those duties can put you at odds with your neighbors and friends.

There can also be a major time commitment involved in tasks related to your position on the board. So, it’s important to be fully informed when considering whether to run for a board position. The question then becomes: what do you need to know to be an HOA board member?