Image of homeowners Association Board Members with thumbs up.

How 2 Become a Successful HOA Board Member

Here are some Traits of Good HOA Board Members

Not everyone is cut out to be on the board of an HOA. While there is a sense of accomplishment in helping your community, it can also be a difficult job.

Rules must be enforced uniformly, regardless of your personal feelings. Relationships can be hurt if you have to issue fines or assess costs to your friends and neighbors.

It’s impossible to please everyone in the HOA all the time.

As a board member, you have to separate personal feelings and focus on the good of the HOA.

There are a few qualities that are essential to being a successful HOA board member.

This first is an understanding of and commitment to diplomacy.

An HOA is not a dictatorship. No one in the community is served by a lengthy dispute over something minor. If you can find ways for people to compromise and come together, you’ll be on the path to success.

Another important trait is the ability to work as part of a team. You’ll have to be comfortable sharing duties, compromising on issues and working with others on the board and in the HOA.

Consistency is another key feature of successful HOA board members. Applying rules uniformly throughout the community is vital to avoiding conflict within the association. If you only apply certain rules to certain people, it will quickly lead to an atmosphere of hostility. Fair and equitable treatment will go a long way to gaining cooperation and respect from other members of the HOA.

The desire to maintain and improve your community.  Good board members want the community to be a better place to live.

Integrity is critical for board members. You will be managing the common property of yours and your neighbors. They are trusting you to take good care of it and make good decisions.