To help you understand the importance of board meetings we first need to understand the roles in a Homeowners Association.

First, Homeowners Associations are institutions that help structure a community and neighborhoods. And HOA board members are in charge of managing those assets to ensure quality and community standards.

Now if there is going to be any changes in the community these topics are brought up at board meetings. A board meeting is normally held at least annually, some associations have quarterly and some even monthly, it truly depends on the community.

We recommend Homeowners Association board meetings be held at least annually. When at boarding meetings, various topics are discussed like the budgets, upcoming changes to the common areas, or if there is a voted need for any changes.

What these board meeting do is help create a better communication between the managing board and it’s members. There are a lot of decisions that are continually made by the board and annual meetings are a great way to inform the community.

Meetings are also a time that community members can voice their concerns and bring up certain issues to the board. Board meetings are important to board members because you are able to help your community. You also need to be careful because sometimes, as a board member, you are not able to solve all the communities problems.