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Why How 2 HOA?

How 2 HOA was created out of need. For so many years people have struggled to manage their Homeownersowners Associations. From starting an HOA with a new development to being thrown into a position on an HOA Board. Don’t worry, because How 2 HOA provides weekly content on how to improve and manage your community. We are the tips, tricks, and the deep looking into how to improve your neighborhood and not drive yourself too crazy.

Our team has been in the Homeowners Association Business for a combined 50 years. We have done everything from home repairs to getting financials in order for the tax season. If you have a question on how to manage your Association we have the answer. And if you do have a question on a particular topic ASK US!

Homeowners Association Training

Trying to manage a Homeowners Association is truly difficult. Not only are you working to learn all the rules and bylaws for your community, but you are also learning how to work with the members of the community. There are many ways to start and manage an HOA community.

Some communities hire outside management companies, Legal Counsel, Accountant,  and these services make life as board member much easier. Not only with learning resources on HOA, but we also have an ever growing directory of companies that work with Homeowners Associations.

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