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How 2 HOA

HOA Management


Our main goal is to teach Homeowner Associations and managers important lessons about maintaining and managing their community.

Why How 2 HOA

How 2 HOA was created out of need. For so many years people have struggled to manage their Homeowners Associations. From starting an HOA with a new development to being thrown into a position on an HOA Board. Don’t worry, because How 2 HOA provides weekly content on how to improve and manage your community. We are the tips, tricks, and the deep looking into how to improve your neighborhood and not drive yourself too crazy.

Problems Managing Board Members?

Learning for community Homeowner Association board members.

Things Never Getting Fixed Around The Community?

Learning for Homeowners Association community members.

Loosing Your Mind Over Your HOA Budget?

Learning for Homeowner Association companies and managers.


Our Education Resources

Our team has been in the Homeowners Association Business for a combined 50 years. We have done everything from home repairs to getting financials in order for the tax season. If you have a question on how to manage your Association we have the answer. And if you do have a question on a particular topic ASK US!

Homeowners Association Training

Trying to manage a Homeowners Association is truly difficult. Not only are you working to learn all the rules and bylaws for your community, but you are also learning how to work with the members of the community. There are many ways to start and manage an HOA community.

Some communities hire outside management companies, Legal Counsel, Accountant,  and these services make life as a board member much easier. Not only with learning resources on HOA, but we also have an ever growing directory of companies that work with Homeowners Associations.

Homeowners Associations

The Best Online Learning  Resource For Homeowners Associations

How 2 Live in an HOA

In reality, living in an HOA can actually be a wonderful experience for a homeowner, and when they’re run successfully

How2 HOA Legal

The foundation of a Homeowners Association is to serve and benefit the entire community.

How 2 Be An HOA Board Member

HOA board members are in charge of managing those assets and ensuring the communities health.

How 2 Maintenance and Repairs

We’ve written guides on how to improve and continue the maintenance of all common areas

How 2 HOA Insurance

Every HOA needs insurance coverage, and there’s a wide variety of plans to choose from.

How 2 HOA Accounting

We strongly recommend hiring an accountant to keep up with all financial reporting throughout the year.


About Us

How 2 HOA was built out of necessity, so many communities are suffering because of the lack of knowledge of how to properly run a Homeowners Association or do not understand what running an HOA entails. Our team has over 50 years of homeowners association experience, and we want to use that to help you. We provide detailed and straightforward video courses on you to improve your HOA. No matter if you are a managing board member or just a community member. The whole goal of an HOA community is to improve and make the area better.


How We Can Help


Continualy Education


Pulse on the HOA Community


Industry leader interviews & Articles


Video Education

HOW 2 HOA knows that it is essential to understand the different tools at your disposal. Especially when it comes to managing a Homeowners Association you need all the help you can get. We work with many communities to help board members with managing their neighborhood. 

We work individually with HOAs to help improve relations with their community, understand legal processes, and strong management skills. Not many members realize this, but when getting started, it is not just a board that takes care of everything. You need accountants, repair services, contractors for everything, insurance, lawyers and so much more. We help with learning and understanding the correct procedures and where to begin with this daunting process.


Checkout Our Blogs

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8 Tips To Handle Raising HOA Fees

If you live in a community that a Homeowners Association manages, part of the responsibilities includes charging HOA fees to all residents. This money is used for keeping the property well-maintained and desirable.  However, not all HOAs manage communities in the...

How We Can Help

That is why we created How 2 HOA, we want to help our struggling board members figure out those impossible situations. We understand the difficulties because we have gone through time and time again. We know how to deal with all things HOA, so if you have any questions about homeowners associations let us know and we will help.

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