Living in an HOA
July 2, 2021

How to Set up and Run Committees

How to Set up and Run Committees Committees can be extremely helpful for HOA boards.  They are formed by volunteers from the community and are ...
Living in an HOA
June 18, 2021

Governing Documents Explained

HOAs offer a safe, comfortable environment. They also come with a seemingly endless list of rules, and this can be challenging for homeowners and ...
Living in an HOA
May 21, 2021

HOA Rules and Enforcing Violations

One of the reasons HOAs are such enjoyable places to live in the community are because of the benefits they offer. This might include services, ...
For HOA Board Members
January 15, 2021

Managing Outside Vendors For Your HOA

Managing Vendors  For your community to be as safe, clean, and well-kept as possible, your board probably depends on various vendors to carry out all ...
October 23, 2020

HOA Taxes

There is good news and bad news when it comes to homeowners association taxes. The bad news is, yes, you do have to file ...
Living in an HOA
October 9, 2020

Maintaining Your HOA Records

Why Keep Records?  If you're a new member of your local HOA board, you've probably been introduced to the sometimes overwhelming amount of papers and ...