HOA Expert advice
August 13, 2020

Community is More Than a Neighborhood

We’ll be honest-- HOA boards haven’t always received the greatest reviews. Historically, homeowners tend to look at their HOA boards as grumpy rule-makers. Eager ...
For HOA Board Members
December 6, 2019

What is Goodwill in an HOA Community?

Goodwill is defined as friendly, helpful, or cooperative feelings or attitudes. Regarding businesses, it can also be defined as the favor that a business ...
Living in an HOA
December 18, 2018

How 2 Sell In An HOA

Selling Your House in a Homeowners Association There’s a wide range of information one must learn when living in a homeowners association. From rules to ...
For HOA Board Members
December 11, 2018

Why You Should Start a ​HOA Garden

Starting an HOA garden is rewarding. Starting an HOA garden one of the more enjoyable responsibilities that volunteer can have. First of all, it instantly brings ...