HOA board meetings are the backbone of any successful Homeowners Association.

To help you fully understand the importance of these meetings, you must first understand each individual role within an HOA. HOA’s are institutions set in place to structure communities and neighborhoods. HOA board members are in charge of managing those assets and ensuring the community meets it’s mandated standards.

If any changes are ever proposed within the community, these topics are brought up at board meetings. A board meeting is normally held at least annually, while some associations hold quarterly or even monthly meetings– it just depends on what your board has set in motion.

How 2 HOA recommends holding HOA board meetings at least annually. At every board meeting, various topics and issues are discussed like budgets, upcoming changes to common areas, and if there’s a vote needed in order to see the changes through to completion.

The purpose of these board meetings is to maintain a harmonious relationship between the board and the members of the community. There is always a long list of decisions being discussed by the board, and meetings are an easy and helpful way to keep the community informed.

Meetings are also a great time to allow community members to voice their own concerns and to propose their own changes to the board. This time allows for everyone to feel heard and their thoughts to be genuinely considered. Though not all of the community’s problems can be solved in the course of one meeting, the purpose of these meetings is to allow for open discussion and improvement to the community.