In every Homeowners Association, there’s rarely a shortage of repairs and maintenance to keep track of.

With open community areas like parks, pools, and clubhouses, you can rest assured that as a board member there’s always a location that will need your attention.

How 2 HOA understands that there’s quite a bit to learn in terms of community maintenance and repairs, so we’ve provided a handful of guides to aid you as you get started. 

We’ve written guides on how to improve and continue the maintenance of all common areas, how to select and hire outside services that you trust to do the job well, and learning how to get repairs completed within your HOA’s annual budget. Of all the responsibilities as an HOA board member, maintaining repairs and upkeep is one that involved a lot of moving parts, and our guides are here to make that process as smooth as possible.

Every Homeowners Association is different and each one will require different needs, but if you work hard with your team to create an airtight plan for large and small-scale repairs, you’ll find that this area of the management process can be a seamless one.