How to solve an compliance issues in an HOA

Compliance Through Trust

It may seem obvious, but one of the easiest ways to establish rules, and to have those rules followed, is by building relationships and trust with your community.

Too many homeowners looked upon their HOA board as that strict teacher from middle school: they are there to enforce rules that nobody likes.

But, It doesn’t have to be this way.

If you take the time to get involved in the lives of your community, you and your board can go from “annoying crotchety teacher” to “that one teacher you wish you could have taught you every year of school”.

This may come as a surprise, but the Community Association’s Institute claims that 64 percent of residents are satisfied with their community association experience, 26 percent are neutral, and only 10 percent are dissatisfied, according to a 2014 survey.

A key way to ensure your HOA’s rules are being followed is by listening to your community in regularly held meetings. This gives residents a chance to voice their concerns, offer suggestions, and to find opportunities to get more involved in their neighborhood.

There are certain rules, like landscaping maintenance and architectural changes, that the board won’t be able to change, but creating a space for homeowners to be heard will let them feel like their opinions matter and are being taken seriously.

Listen to your Community, Gain Their Trust, Have a better community

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