The Benefits of a Homeowners Association

Ways Your HOA Is Helping

Managing an HOA is not easy. It takes countless hours, planning, meetings, and handling issues from residents. Not to mention it is a volunteer position. However, the benefits you provide to the community are priceless.

You help maintain the value of your communities’ homes and protect residents’ investment. Homeowners Associations provide, support, and repair free recreational facilities residents can enjoy.  In addition to maintenance and repairs, other services like snow removal and sometimes landscaping is a huge relief for the community members.

Rules make sure you have a quiet and safe neighborhood. The rules also mean there are clear guidelines for homeowners and any conflicts are mediated by the HOA. All of these benefits improve the quality of living for everyone. There are many more ways HOAs help the community, and here are just five of them.

Maintaining the Value of Homes

One of the most important things all homeowners want is to maintain the value of their home. It often is their largest investment, and they want to make sure they can get the best possible return. This makes good sense but knowing all the aspects that contribute to keeping the value may not be so obvious.

In addition to the home itself, buyers are evaluating the neighborhood as a whole. Will their families be happy and safe? Will this be a community or neighbors who don’t ever interact?

HOA communities have an edge because the rules established by an HOA keep the community looking nearly the same as when it was created. These rules ensure yards aren’t being overrun by high grass and weeds, unsightly deteriorating vehicles don’t sit in a driveway for years, the common areas are kept in tip-top shape, and that there aren’t houses painted offensive colors people don’t want to look at.  Sidewalks, lighting, noise control, stop lights and speed bumps keep the neighborhood safe. All of these things make any property more appealing to a potential buyer.

Free Recreational Facilities

Residents are very happy to have access to free recreational facilities. HOAs provide community recreational facilities such as pools, clubhouses, parks, and more. Members of the community and their families can use these amenities without being charged because any fees are already in their monthly dues. This saves them the headache of more bills that might change seasonally. And means every member can use any of the facilities.

Community members also don’t have to wonder if these facilities are being maintained properly or show up to find cracks in the pool deck. And not only do HOAs handle regular maintenance of these facilities, but if major damage occurs (such as from a storm), the HOA has insurance in place to pay for the repairs. When facilities are run by local governments, taking care of them can be one of the first things cut when their budget gets tight.

Higher Quality of Life

The rules of an HOA make the community more beautiful, safe, and peaceful.  And communities, where the HOA provides services such as landscaping, or snow removal, can save residents time and stress. Many HOAs are in gated communities and have private security to give homeowners peace of mind that their family is safe. Common areas and individual properties are well-maintained and aesthetically-pleasing. Residents also know they have a direct channel to discuss any neighborhood concerns.  All of these make life pleasant and comfortable.

Sense of Community

HOAs offer social events and gathering for residents. These events bring members of the community together in a fun environment.  Neighbors who don’t live near each other might never meet if HOAs didn’t host these get-togethers. Participating in meetings and being involved in community needs is another way they improve a sense of being an active member of the neighborhood. Many HOAs also increase civic involvement through voting, meeting attendance and volunteerism.  They hold volunteer opportunities or help facilitate activities to help outside organizations.

Mediating Conflicts

People who have chosen a property in an HOA community have already agreed to and probably will not violate the rules.  However, if one does have an issue with a neighbor (such as holiday décor, property lines, a dog’s barking keeping them up all night, etc.), an argument between neighbors is avoided.  The HOA will address the problem, and enforce any rules.

In Touch With Residents

Neighborhoods which aren’t under HOAs are regulated by the government.  HOAs have clear benefits over government regulation. HOA’s know the community needs and members directly and can improve the neighborhoods  HOAs solve problems faster because they are part of the community. Rules are created uniquely for that community’s needs instead of broadly.  And by running on clear monthly dues, there is financial stability for the neighborhood. With homeowners associations, repairs aren’t delayed, and services cut due to unreliable or unpredictable government funding.